Material, care & afterlife


I'm 100% biodegradable !

Bag : 100% Organic light weight cotton canvas

Label, Thread & packing Tapes : 100% Cotton

Paper Tags & Packing Paper : 100% recycled paper


Machine wash with like colours, 30 degree, gentle cycle, 

Keep zip closed for washing,

Reshape by hand or iron if you like,

The bag will age like your favorite cotton t-shirt.

The labels may fade as they are not polyester.

Green care tips :

Practice these little things to make a greater impact !

1. Turn the bag inside out and sanitize by hanging in the sun, spot clean the outer side; wash only if necessary.

2. Air dry instead of tumble drying

3. Wash with room temperature water.

4. Let it be natural , avoid ironing.


Congratulations, you bought a product that leaves no trace behind !

Cut out the zippers if any and bury it in any yard.

Cotton is the fastest biodegrading natural fiber, it usually takes 3 months to 1 year for it to biodegrade depending upon the compost/soil and weather conditions.