about us

We are a young and passionate team of individuals committed to improve the world we live in. 

Awareness to the harm being caused to our environment by our lifestyle made us conscious about the choices we make. We wanted to choose products that do not further pollute the planet and started looking for alternatives for basic products.

 The unavailability of such alternatives has made us dedicate our lives to creating them. That’s how Doosra came to exist!

 Taking one step at a time, we wish to provide a truly sustainable way of Carrying things, a need each of us has. Our attempt is to make it suit your style preferences. 

 We keep our margins very low as we intend to make our products be used widely. We hope you share our concern and support the cause.

Our experience in work and our education ensures that we follow best practices in this process. We are committed to give 1% of proceeds to the community to further influence our world in other ways.